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Windows and doors

Worry free replacement of windows and doors

In our stores, 35 sales representatives are available Monday to Saturday to advise you on a vast range of products designed to exceed your expectations while respecting your budget. Vimat Windows & Doors offers the greatest range of products in virtually every price range. So customer satisfaction is not just a priority, but a reality since Vimat is able to meticulously control every aspect of product quality and service from manufacturing to sale and installation! All in all, Vimat Windows & Doors prides itself on being a responsible, well-managed company that is committed to earning your business and recommendation.

Our reputation

Vimat has been in business since 1977. Today, we are among Canada’s leading manufacturers and distributors of windows and doors with 11 stores located in Quebec. In addition to quality manufacturing, we pride ourselves on impeccable after-sales service. At Vimat, customer service is second to none, which is why customer satisfaction is our strongest suit.

Our products

All Vimat products proudly displaying the Energy Star seal are approved by Hydro-Québec’s “Energy Wise” program. In addition, they come with one of the industry’s best warranties to ensure that your investment is one of the wisest and most durable decisions possible.

The strength of a group

Vimat Windows & Doors is owned by the Atis Group, a Canadian leader in the manufacturing and installation of windows and doors. In Atis factories, dedicated people work daily to provide the same high quality and performance as Vimat, thanks to highly sophisticated equipment in the hands of the best engineers, designers and technicians in the industry. The Atis Group has 9 factories in Canada which generate over $200 million in annual revenues. All in all, the Group has a total of 1400 employees, including 250 representatives and 350 installation experts. The Group’s huge buying power explains why Vimat Windows & Doors is able to offer so much quality at such good prices!