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Definitely! But keep in mind that if you break or incorrectly install the window, it won’t be covered by warranty.

Can I buy and install the windows myself?

When Vimat installs your windows, your installation is guaranteed against all defects directly attributed to the installation for up to 10 years. Moreover, if you encounter a problem, you need only contact our after-sales service department to set up a house call with an inspector or technician, according to your needs.

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Can you give me an idea of a standard window price?

While calculating window cost, many factors need to be considered: dimensions, materials, hardware, and additional options. Installation costs may also vary if the installation area is inaccessible, requires pre-installation work, etc. A Vimat expert can ask you any relevant questions and advise you on obtaining the best value for your needs.


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Our labels are made to be removed easily with a damp cloth and a mild soap. It is not recommended to use a strong product such as lighter gas or alcohol as this could damage the window.

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Yes, the warehouse behind our Terrebonne store is always stocked. On top of current models, we have freshly manufactured, made-to-measure windows and doors never installed for various reasons: measurement errors, doorknob holes cut into the wrong side, or the wrong colour. These products are sold at a reduced price since they only have a single flaw different from the order specifications.

Maybe you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, who knows?

Learn more

Windows and doors at liquidation price


Windows liquidation sale


Patio door liquidation price


Entry doors at liquidation prices

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Yes, despite not displaying all-aluminum windows on our website, we sell and install windows manufactured by our sister company Altek Windows & Doors — the all-aluminum window specialists.

Altek Windows and Doors - All-aluminum windows manufacturer

For more information, visit our store, or learn more about their products by visiting the Altek Windows & Doors website.

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No, we only manufacture and install exterior doors.

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We manufacture them, but we don’t recommend them. Even if you leave your 3-season chalet or cottage untouched in winter, you still use it throughout the rest of the year, especially in summer. A door with a single glass pane is not Energy Star efficient and takes in a lot of unwanted summer heat. Even a small difference in temperature between the inside and outside risks causing humidity and consequently window condensation, which is why we always recommend installing doors with Low-E energy-efficient glass.

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Often seen on sites like Houzz and Pinterest, these doors are commonly referred to as Dutch doors and are reminiscent of the farmhouses of old. But we don’t manufacture them because they are not designed to withstand our Canadian climate.

Sprockhövel - Kirchplatz03 01 ies
Source: Wikipedia commons

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Yes we sell replacement parts, but they are not in our stores.

Do you sell replacement parts?

To buy replacement parts, please contact our after-sales service by filling our after-sales service form, or by phone at (450) 492-0404 ext. 2059 (toll-free number at 1-877-477-1141), during office hours.

Yes, we sell window hardware replacement parts, but we do not store them in stores. To obtain one, you must contact our customer service at 1-877-477-1141, ext. 2059.

Yes, all our windows are certified EnergyStar

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If you just moved into a new house and found a broken window but don’t know the manufacturer, contact our after-sales service. It’s the best way to find out if you have Vimat windows, and they can send a technician to evaluate if the window can be repaired.

However, a house call from a technician does incur fees for windows not under warranty. Our after-sales service representatives can explain everything to you.

Contact the after-sales service department.

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When people ask for the standard patio door price, they typically want to know which is the most affordable. We sell plenty of basic models in standard sizes (5 or 6 feet across), but we also manufacture made-to-measure patio doors.


How much is a standard patio door?


For standard patio door prices EXCLUDING installation, you can contact our Vimat Terrebonne warehouse store, which always has some in stock.

For standard patio door prices INCLUDING installation, since prices vary, ask a representative in store or at home to have your installation needs evaluated. Remember, in addition to our product warranty, our installations are guaranteed for up to 10 years.

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Certainly! If your Vimat door is in good condition, but you don’t like the old-fashioned glass pane, you can ask a Vimat representative to check for decorative glass replacements, which are definitely more cost-effective than needlessly replacing an entire door.

Find your local Vimat store, or contact us for an in-house evaluation.

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A commodity door, unlike a main entry door, is an exterior door often found in garages, backyards, or on the side of houses. They are often more affordable and just as sturdy and durable as entry doors, but with fewer options for colour, glass, etc.

basic commodity door

You can order a custom or standard commodity door. Feel free to go to our warehouse store where we always have basic commodity doors in stock.

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Often, swapping out old windows for new ones comes with condensation because they are more airtight. Contrary to popular belief, window condensation is not caused by windows but by the degree of indoor humidity. In recent years, air exchanger installations have increased as new windows and doors have started to have a tighter fit—all the better since their efficiency lowers energy demand for heating and air conditioning. If you’ve only encountered humidity problems after swapping out your windows, it’s because your house was leaking air and ventilated naturally.

Here are some tips on lowering indoor humidity in your house:

  • Turn on your kitchen range hood while cooking, and only boil as much water as needed.
  • Turn on your bathroom exhaust fan when you bathe or shower.
  • Time your shower and bath times.
  • Avoid drying clothes indoors.
  • Ensure your laundry dryer expels humidity outside.
  • Do not dry firewood indoors or in your basement.
  • Increase air circulation by opening window drapes and blinds.

For more detailed information, read our complete article on the subject.

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We have 10 stores and 1 warehouse store where you can see various entry door samples, with or without decorative glass. We also offer endless design options in all shapes and styles from our decorative glass suppliers—even the style of our door handle varies depending on door look.
We offer door panels and glass units from leading market manufacturers: Verre Select, Vitre Art, Novatech, and Masonite.
Here are their catalogues to flip through for some inspiration.
Don’t hesitate to ask for an installation estimate of your favourite entry door design!
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