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Can you give me an idea of a standard window price?

While calculating window cost, many factors need to be considered: dimensions, materials, hardware, and additional options. Installation costs may also vary if the installation area is inaccessible, requires pre-installation work, etc. A Vimat expert can ask you any relevant questions and advise you on obtaining the best value for your needs.


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Yes, the warehouse behind our Terrebonne store is always stocked. On top of current models, we have freshly manufactured, made-to-measure windows and doors never installed for various reasons: measurement errors, doorknob holes cut into the wrong side, or the wrong colour. These products are sold at a reduced price since they only have a single flaw different from the order specifications.

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Windows and doors at liquidation price


Windows liquidation sale


Patio door liquidation price


Entry doors at liquidation prices

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When people ask for the standard patio door price, they typically want to know which is the most affordable. We sell plenty of basic models in standard sizes (5 or 6 feet across), but we also manufacture made-to-measure patio doors.


How much is a standard patio door?


For standard patio door prices EXCLUDING installation, you can contact our Vimat Terrebonne warehouse store, which always has some in stock.

For standard patio door prices INCLUDING installation, since prices vary, ask a representative in store or at home to have your installation needs evaluated. Remember, in addition to our product warranty, our installations are guaranteed for up to 10 years.

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