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Financing your
Windows and Doors


Need door and window replacements on your next renovation project?

We offer financing options for both door and window renovations. Our sales representatives can give you a quote on the installation of new doors and windows as well as financing plans with different terms of agreement or repayment periods based on your needs.

VIMAT financing advantages:
• Quick and simple
• Open and flexible
• No repayment fees or penalties

Why finance with VIMAT?

No need to swing by your bank

As with all financing requests, we do need to perform a credit check, but you never have to worry about getting authorization from your bank. We handle that step ourselves.

Attractive financing rates                 

We offer attractive financing rates, which your Vimat sales representative can explain in greater detail when you ask for a quote.

What does the financing amount cover?

The financing contract covers 100% of the installation and purchasing costs, including taxes (except during special promotions on financing).

Repayment options

Generally, clients choose monthly repayment plans, but there are also options available to pay every week or two. Since it is an open loan, you can pay off your balance at any time penalty-free.