Windows and Doors Simulator | Vimat Windows and Doors

Doors and windows

Our doors and windows simulator can import an image of your house taken on Google Maps or emailed and superimpose them a wide range of new doors and windows, with various colors and shapes. You can view your doors and windows renovation project, which helps you make the best decisions for your home.

Advantages and options:

  • Try out different models
  • Match colors
  • Add grilles
  • Visualize the results

Each Vimat Windows and Doors store is equipped with an iPad with our simulator. It is therefore possible to take a picture of your house from Google Maps, and position various styles of windows and doors in different colours or formats, to give you a preview of the new look of your house. For example, you can decide if your house would be prettier with grilles or SDL (Simulated Divided Lites) on your new windows.

You can also send us a photo by e-mail, if the Google Maps image is not suitable. In addition, our representatives who go to your home for an estimate are also equipped to take a photo and show you a "before / after" simulation of your home.

Do not hesitate to ask for this FREE service offered by Vimat Windows and Doors!