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Installation of Windows and Doors

Vimat’s turnkey installation service includes installation, finishing, disposing of old windows, and cleaning up the site after the work is completed. Our certified professionals are known for being meticulous and precise.

Because your long term satisfaction is our main priority, our window installations are guaranteed for a period of 10 years.

Installating windows during big renovations?

Protective film: A plastic layer that protects your windows as needed

Are you planning on having your new windows installed before completing your other renovations, and are worried about scratches, paint spills and dirt? Upon request, Vimat can apply a clear protective film on both sides of your window glass during the manufacturing process. This film will protect your windows from the elements, so that when your renovation work is complete, you can simply peel off the protective film to unveil beautiful, spotless glass. No more traces of paint being removed with a razor blade or dirt being wiped away with a messy rag. The protective film allows you to save substantially on clean-up time and costs.

Take a look at a few of our windows and doors installation achievements!

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