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PVC Windows

Our designers at Vimat have created a vast choice of PVC windows, so there’s sure to be something to suit your home. Our exclusive models are our pride and your joy! Vimat PVC windows are available in all models: casement, awning, hung, sliding, bay windows, and even special shapes.

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Hybrid windows

Vimat has combined the best of both worlds in designing windows made from a rigid PVC frame incorporating aluminum extrusions on its exterior side. The brilliance of this concept lies in its rigidity and superior thermal efficiency thanks to the PVC’s non-conductive properties.

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Wood windows

Luxurious and warm, wood provides excellent thermal insulation. It is the choice of excellence for a house with cachet. Our wood windows are made of carefully selected clear pine that is oven dried and treated against shrinkage, swelling and cracking. Sturdy and durable, these windows are available with or without an aluminum exterior protective cover.


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Bay windows

Give your main rooms maximum natural light with bow or bay windows made from PVC, wood or a hybrid design.

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Special windows

All the windows designed by Vimat Windows & Doors can be custom made. Special or totally new shapes are yours for the creating.

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Low-E energy efficient windows

Vimat Windows and Doors’ low-E glass is made for the Canadian climate, providing comfort all year round in both warm and cold weather.

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Specialty glass

The glass is a major part of a window. This is why special attention must be paid to the glass choice in the manufacturing of the sealed units of your new windows. Talk to your Vimat sales representative for more information.

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Windows options

Customize your windows with our many decorative options.

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