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Hybrid windows

Vimat has combined the best of both worlds in designing windows made from a rigid PVC frame incorporating aluminum extrusions on its exterior side. The brilliance of this concept lies in its rigidity and superior thermal efficiency thanks to the PVC’s non-conductive properties.

Contempra - contemporary hybrid casement window

Want to improve the comfort of your home while increasing its energy efficiency? Or do you want to change the look of your home? The triple weatherstripping has been designed to provide maximum sealing and unmatched weather protection. These are excellent reasons to opt for contemporary hybrid windows by Vimat.

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Amalgame - hybrid colonial casement window

The Amalgame casement window particularly enhances the beauty of English, Canadian and Quebec-inspired homes. It is manufactured with high quality parts and materials for greater strength. Its sash has been designed for ease of operation. Aluminum extrusions are added to the exterior of the PVC combining performance and aesthetics.

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Céleste - hybrid colonial awning window

Céleste windows offer increased security against intrusion thanks to their multi-point locking mechanism operated by a single lever featuring a lifetime warranty. They are equipped with an elegant retractable handle.

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Actis - hybrid single hung window

The new Actis Hybrid family, available for single hung windows, is a step forward on the windows market with its contemporary frame assembled at 90°. These were created to meet the new Energy Star 2015 and Novo Climat 2.0 criteria.

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Lux - hybrid single slider window

The new Lux hybrid family, available for sliding windows, is a true revolution on the market with its contemporary frame assembled at 90°. These were created to meet the new Energy Star 2015 and Novo Climat 2.0 criteria.

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Because colour lasts much longer on aluminum windows, the hybrid window is the perfect choice if you should opt for coloured windows. The current architectural trend for several condominium projects being more and more contemporary even industrial, Vimat has designed the new Contempra hybrid window with clean lines that harmonizes perfectly with this new style. This window is offered at the same price as the Amalgame Hybrid window, and comes in a wide variety of colours.

Consisting of the two most popular materials used in the fenestration industry, the hybrid window is suitable for all architectural applications: rigid PVC frame fitted with an exterior extruded aluminum extension for even more solidity and welded rigid PVC sash with aluminum extrusion in the insulated section of the partition for greater comfort.

All our PVC window models are offered in a hybrid version. This includes: casement, hung, bay, awning and even hybrid horizontal sliding windows.

Set your sights on our Energy Star products, as they will greatly increase your home’s energy efficiency. We stand firmly behind the superior quality of our windows, which is why our warranties are among the best in the industry.

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