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Windows options

Customize your windows with our many decorative options.


Vimat Windows & Doors offers a variety of window grilles, integrated inside the sealed unit, for all styles of windows and every architectural application.

Tubular, rectangular or elliptical in shape, our window grids are available in brass, tin grey, white or painted finishes. We also offer the integrated “Devil’s Grip” colonial grid whose perfectly fitting components ensure an incomparable finish and solidity.


Do you want windows with a special look? You can choose to add simulated divided lights which create a look of several smaller windows in a larger glass space. SDLs are PVC extrusions that are both solid and beautiful.


Finishing frames made by Vimat Windows & Doors add a nice touch to any and all window installations. We have a range of models to match perfectly your decor: ready to paint jointed pine, ready to varnish non-jointed pine, oak or PVC.


A perfect finish often requires the addition of a part called a jamb extension to ensure an aesthetic transition between the window frame and the interior or exterior walls. Vimat Windows and Doors makes a full range of jamb extensions designed to harmonize with your present environment: ready to paint jointed pine, ready to varnish non-jointed pine, PVC cladded pine, jamb extension in expanded PVC.


If the installation requires it, we offer a nice selection of finishing mouldings.


There are all kinds of tastes in nature… and white is not for everyone. That’s why Vimat PVC and hybrid windows are available in an unlimited range of colours. We use a specially formulated paint that reflects sun rays and extends the life of PVC and aluminum components. Our coloured PVC windows also come with a 10 year warranty against peeling and excessive discolouration.